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Perishable Services

If you are shipping meat, produce, seafood, or specialty food products, LGS Group has the experience and resources to pack and ship on time and at the proper temperature. Whether standard air freight or expedited ground service, LGS Group understands each product has their own unique requirements. LGS Group will always apply the required steps necessary to ensure all temperature sensitive products are shipped properly and to each client’s specifications.

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Pharmaceutical Services

Unlike any other industry, the pharmaceutical and medical industry's demands for on time delivery can mean the difference between life and death. If you need to transport pharmaceuticals, vaccines or medical equipment LGS Group has a vast network of highly qualified carriers to get these goods to their destinations as quickly as possible while understanding the compliance that goes with transporting these items.

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High Tech Services

The technology industry is constantly changing, perhaps faster than any other industry currently. LGS Group offers a number of supply chain solutions for various high tech industries such as consumer electronics, electronics recyclers, telecommunications and TV production. All of our solutions are secure and customizable to meet your supply chain requirements.

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Vehicle Logistics

Shipping an automobile may sound stressful but we can move your vehicle anywhere within the continental United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating to a different state and want to hang on to the car you’ve had since college or buying an exotic sports car and having it shipped to your beach house. With the increase in online auto sales LGS Group works with dealers, auctions and individual buyers and sellers to safely transport their vehicles door-to-door.

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General Cargo Shipping

Although LGS Group’s main focus is on a few niche industries we also transport general cargo. On a daily basis we are shipping printed matter, store displays and signage, machinery, auto parts and fashion apparel.

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Logistics Consulting

A Logistics consultant assists companies with identifying potential improvements within their supply chain operation. LGS Group has worked with shippers, carriers, forwarders and 3PL’s to assist them with carrier selection, strategic planning, training and technology. We recognize that everyone's needs are unique and there is not necessarily a one size fits all solution. With any client that we meet with for consulting services our first step is to simply listen and document the challenges and issues that are being encountered. Only after that we will start to do a transportation analysis to identify and solve any logistics or supply chain problems.

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